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Every true artist bears within them a desire for TRANSFORMATION

For over twelve years, Jeff Thomakos has been studying and teaching the Michael Chekhov Technique of Acting. This technique relies on a psycho-physical approach to the process freeing the actor to aspire to his or her highest creative self on stage. 

An actor in Mr. Thomakos' Chekhov class can expect to learn all of the major Chekhovian concepts and more. These include:

  • Psychological/Archetypal Gesture

  • The Three Sister Sensations of Feeling

  • The Four Brothers in Art

  • Qualities of Movement

  • Tempo/Rhythm

  • Character/Imaginary/Moveable Centers

  • The Trinity of the Psychology

  • Overall/Personal Atmosphere

  • Imaginary Body

  • Expansion/Contraction

  • Radiation/Receiving

  • The Laws of Composition

  • Focal Points

  • Synthesizing the Process

2010 - present

2010 - present

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